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Alum Block – natural remedy!

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An Alum Block is a natural remedy that can be used to reduce the pain and intensity of razor burn, fight bacterial build-up and treat the skin with potent antiseptic properties. This essential addition to your beautyregime can also be used to stop bleeding, helping constrict the blood vessels from small cuts and nicks. Although shop bought deodorants are quick and effective in fighting odour and moisture build-up, there’s been a wave of concern in recent years that they can damage tissues and potentially lead to more harmful issues down the line.


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The Origin of Alum Block

Alum Block has been used for thousands of years for a whole host of reasons. The natural compounds found in the mineral salts that make up these blocks were even sued by the Ancient Egyptians for their healing and antiseptic properties. Alum remained a go-to for health and beauty purposes for centuries across the Middle East and Asia and remains a popular product in these regions today, often marketed as deodorant crystals. The chemical compound has also enjoyed popularity has a pivotal ingredient in vaccines and medicines since the early 20th century.


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A Natural Remedy Replacement for Antiperspirant

An Alum Block can be a useful way of combating excess sweating. If you’re looking to ditch more aggressive antiperspirant, this natural remedy alternative makes an essential addition to your itinerary. The block can be applied to the underarms to control excess moisture, eliminate body odour and keep you try in even the hottest of weather. As this beauty essential is non-scented, you might still want to use your favourite deodorant as well, but be careful not to take away from the good your doing. Many individuals have switched to Alum Block because of the harmful chemicals found in conventional antiperspirants, with compounds including aluminium becoming particularly worrisome. Many women prefer the use of these blocks to roll-on deodorants, especially when applied in proximity to the breast and other sensitive areas of the anatomy.

A Brilliant Addition to Your Beauty Regime Alum Blocks aren’t just useful for the control of excess sweating. Many men and women have been incorporating this innovative natural remedy into their beauty routine for years. Suffer from oily skin or spots? These blocks can be used as a reliable astringent to help fight oily complexions. To use, simply apply a block to the affected area after showering or washing. The natural compounds found in Alum Block will dry the skin gently, encouraging spots and sore skin to heal more quickly, leading to a more desirable appearance in no time at all. You can also apply a block to affected skin just before bed, with the fast-acting properties getting to work over night. If you suffer from particularly sensitive skin however, it’s best to avoid excess use of this remedy. A block draws a lot of moisture out of the skin, which can destroy your natural pH balance and force the skin to produce more oil to combat regular loss of essential oils.


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If the latest horror stories about off the shelf deodorant are keeping you up at night, it might be time to switch to a safer alternative. While an Alum Block mightn’t work for everyone, if you’re a suffer of excess sweating, oily skin and are prone to razor burn, this is one natural remedy that should be high on your agenda.

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