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Amazing benefits of almond oil!

Nov 09, 2016 by

For centuries, women have used almond oil as part of their beauty regime. This wonder substance can improve the complexion, shrink wrinkles, bring a new bounce and shine to your hair. It even has anti-inflammatory and mild pain relieving properties. Plus it has an attractive scent too!

The oil in fact comes in two varieties, sweet and bitter. Here we’re focussing on sweet almond oil, which is the kind generally used for the face and hair.

almond-oilWhy is so fantastic for you?

Pure almond oil is rich is Vitamin E, fatty acids and minerals which are essential for healthy cells. It’s also easily absorbed through the skin, making it an efficient delivery system for these beneficial ingredients.

Regenerating dry, brittle hair

A few drops can do wonders for wilted locks. Rub it into your wet hair after a shower and you should soon see the difference. It also works as a natural hair straightener, making tangled manes easier to comb!

Banishing dark circles under eyes

To get rid of those unsightly dark circles, massage oil around your eyes before you go to bed, then leave it overnight. Over the course of a week or so, the skin will grow lighter as a result of the cells being regenerated thanks to the Vitamin E in the oil.

Removing makeup

The oil opens up the pores, and this makes it especially good for scooping out every last bit of makeup. Simply apply a few drops to a wad of cotton wool and run it across your face and you’ll soon be clean and fresh.

Stripping away dead skin cells

Toxins in our environment can create an outer crust of dead skin cells on our faces, which in turn can lead to a dull, lustreless complexion. To bring back that healthy, youthful glow, create a scrub by mixing together a blob of oil with a sprinkling of sugar, then rub it into the skin with a circular motion. This should lift off any dead skin cells and other impurities.
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Moisturizing hands and feet

Another thing the oil is great for is softening rough skin. It’s therefore a boon for calloused or weathered hands and hard areas on the soles of the feet. Over time, massaging them with a little oil will help them feel more smooth and soft, and it can also be extremely soothing too.

Using it in body massages

There are lots of reasons why a splash of oil is perfect for giving relaxing body massages. It’s easy to spread – a few drops on the palm of the hand go a long way – but it’s also light and not too greasy. It can stimulate the circulation of the blood, helping the body to repair itself. It’s also good for soothing sore muscles and getting to grips with those aches and pains.
natural cosmeticsTo sum up, this age-old cosmetic is literally good for you from head to toe. No doubt people will still be using it for centuries to come!

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