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Blotting paper – the best product to control shine!

Sep 14, 2016 by

Blotting paper could be your new best friend on warmer days and it’s an essential item that all women should have in their bag. Here’s why.

blotting paper for oily skin

What is Sebum and How Can You Deal With It?

Holidays are fantastic, especially in beautiful, sunny weather. However, there’s a problem. In warm weather, skin tends to become oily as sweat glands secrete excess sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance that helps to regulate the moisture content of your skin. However, as sebum builds up, it reflects light, giving skin a sweaty and unattractively shiny appearance.

What can you do to quickly and effectively deal with this problem? There’s one simple answer: explore what blotting sheets can do for your skin.

How does Blotting Paper Work?

Blotting sheets are made from paper pulp that contains flax, making it soft and gentle on the skin. It is an ideal alternative to traditional cosmetics, which can be severe on your skin and simply add another layer of impermeable makeup, making the problem worse.

Oil control paper absorbs excess sebum from the skin, leave it looking naturally fresh and healthy. The pads are impregnated with substances that provide a subtle powdery finish, perfectly replacing ordinary matte makeup. They also usually come in a range of colours to match different skin tones.

How to Use Blotting Paper to Fight Shiny Skin

Using oil control paper is easy. Simply hold the tissue in parts of the skin that have the most shine (usually the “T-zone” made up of the forehead, nose and chin). Hold the blotter in place for a little while and then remove it from your face. A single application will improve the appearance and condition of your skin easily, quickly and efficiently.

blotting sheets how to useThe Advantages of Using Oil Blotting Sheets

First of all, removing excess sebum from the face using paper doesn’t wash off or destroy makeup, and leaves your skin looking fresh and natural.

Blotting sheets are also extremely convenient. They are discreet to use, and quickly restore a feeling of freshness and comfort. You can carry them around while travelling and, due to their small size, they can be easily squeezed into even the smallest and seemingly overflowing women’s handbags.

Blotters are also flexible. They can be used during any occasion – a spontaneous getaway with friends, a wedding, a family dinner with your partner’s parents.

Another advantage is their wide availability. You can find them in most cosmetic shops and pharmacies. Then there’s cost. Papers are cheap, with prices varying between £2 and over £10 depending on the brand.

These advantages make high-quality blotting pads the best products to control shine, especially in summer. Don’t settle for shiny skin. Make oil control paper your go-to tool to subdue excessive shine when it threatens to ruin your complexion.

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