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Body shimmer lotion – this summer it’s all about the glow!

Aug 09, 2017 by

Body shimmer lotion should be your summer essential for getting natural-looking, sun-kissed skin without the hassle of tanning lotion or spray. With a little help of body shimmer lotion you can add that healthy glow to your legs and arms within seconds.

body shimmer lotion

Ever wondered why Victoria’s Secret models look so sexy on the catwalk? Their secret is a good golden shimmer lotion! Glitter lotion is perfect not only during the summer. You can use it all year round to enhance your tan and get radiant finish.

Body shimmer lotion – why you should use it

We all love summer. The sun, the feeling of freedom and your dream holidays on the beach. During the summer your skin needs a bit more TLC: moisturizing and hydration. Hot and dry summer air, sea water or air-conditioned rooms may cause your skin to become dry and flaky. Tanned skin desperately needs hydration and soothing to look its best.
A great solution is good golden shimmer lotion which will moisturize your skin and also add a touch of sparkle and a hint of bronzing colour. This type of cosmetic also blurs imperfections, evens out skin tone and does not leave streaks unlike some tanning lotions.The perfect golden shimmer lotion is also lightweight enough to wear it every day.
Body shimmer lotion is easy to use. All you need is just a few drops of this product to create that sexy glow on your legs or arms. If you prefer a more subtle effect, you can mix the glitter lotion with your fave moisturizing product.

body shimmer lotion

How to choose the best body shimmer lotion?

There are many types of body shimmer lotions. Some of them come in a form of gel which cools and sooths tanned and sun-irritated skin. Some of lotions not only enhance your tan but also act as gentle self-tanners. They are usually lightweight and give you sheer, buildable coverage. Shimmer intensity will vary based on the number of applications. Body shimmer lotions usually dry in a flash — you do not need to worry about glitter getting all over your clothes or hair.
Before you decide to buy this type of product, test it on your arm. A good shimmer lotion should not leave greasy film on your skin or stain your clothes. It should also absorb easily. You should know that the smaller the flecks, the more natural effect you get. If your tan is very dark, go for silver shimmer – it will look more natural. Before you buy the lotion, read the label – the less preservatives, the better. Make sure you get lotion that is right for your skin type. If you have dry skin, look fora product dedicated to your skin type.

Skin care during the summer

To make body shimmer lotion look good on you, you need to take care of your skin. Sun cream with UV filters is a must-have. Apply it even on cloudy days. Use body scrub for clearer and smoother skin. Make friends with a bottle of mineral water – keep it handy during hot days. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day for hydrated, glowing skin.
If you want to keep your tan for longer, take care of your skin from the inside. Drink veg smoothies with carrot juice which contains beta-carotene and take vitamins A, E and C. Try thermal spring water mist for face and body. Once you try it, you’ll love it! Choose the one with super hydrating ingredients. The mist will keep dry skin at bay and it will not mess up your makeup.

Find your favourite golden shimmer lotion and enjoy tanned, glowing skin for many weeks.

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