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Double Line. Two is better than one.

Apr 05, 2017 by
The best solutions are often the simplest ones.

You’ll undoubtedly be familiar with this famous saying, but you’ve probably never applied it to makeup, eye makeup or beauty routines. After all, the most aesthetically pleasing patterns, shapes and finishes take a long time to master, and require a variety of expensive tools to apply correctly, right? Well, actually no. The “best solutions are the simplest ones” actually rings true when it comes to makeup too, and there are a variety of ways to make your eyes pop without spending an entire morning gazing into the mirror. One terrific example is the technique of “Double Lining”.


Double Line Eye Makeup

What is Double Line in makeup?

The 1960s was a time of liberation and experimentation, and double lining became particularly popular during this period. It remains strongly associated with the decade of peace and love to this day, and offers what a lot of stylists refer to as a “sixties-style look”. A dazzling number of celebrities and fashion icons have brought back double lining in recent years, with the likes of supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Hollywood actress Kat Graham taking inspiration from Sixties socialite Edie Sedgwick to rock sleek lines above and below the eye. Given the straightforwardness of double line application, it’s easy to see why it is becoming such a popular makeup, eye makeup and cosmetic style among so many women in the modern day.


Double Line Live

What do you need to apply double line?

Double lining is one of the easier eye makeup procedures that can give you an attractive and distinguished look. You don’t need a bulging kit bag to get going either – just a good quality eye pencil and a fab eyeliner. To double line to perfection, pick up some quality application tools that will prevent smearing and help make the entire process quick, easy and painless. The ARROW eye pencil, for example, offers a soft touch and is available in a variety of different shades, enabling you to draw the essential strokes that’ll make your double lines look neat, professional and striking with just the right amount of smudge. The EDGE retractable eyeliner tool can also work wonders when it comes to finalizing your double lines, and are designed for delicate application with a built-in sharpener for customizing line style.



It’s often easiest to apply the upper line first. Place the colour as close as you can to the eyelash line. Bit by bit, keep adding shades until the line is visible when your eyes are open. Make the line thicker as you move across, as this will result in gorgeous bushy strokes on the outer corners of your eye. Draw the lower line in the same way, keeping the outer edge parallel to the upper line. And voila! Perfect peepers in a matter of minutes.

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