Draping – the new makeup hit!

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If you love to create contoured makeup designs that show off your face’s natural curves, the draping makeup technique is a method you simply have to try.

drapingThe Origins of the Draping Blush Trend

Have you seen girls around with beautifully sculpted cheeks and colourful, gorgeously made-up skin? If so, you’ve discovered draping, the makeup trend of the year.

Draping involves applying blush strategically, using a brush to follow the lines of the face. That’s why many people are calling it the new contouring and urging girls to exchange their contour stick for a blush applying brush.

The technique isn’t new. It first appeared in the 70s and 80s and was promoted by stars like Cher, while models like Kate Moss showed it off in the 90s. In 2016, it’s back in the news thanks to fashion legend Marc Jacobs who wants everyone to discover the beauty of blush draping makeup.

blushHow to Do draping  in 3 Easy Steps

Creating the look is very simple. Of course, what looks great on the world’s catwalks won’t necessarily look good in everyday life. Not everyone will look fabulous with emphasised pink cheeks, but everyone should find out.

Step 1: How to Contour Your Face Using Face Blush

First, mix together the two shades of pink. One of them should be lighter, the other slightly darker. Using your brush, delicately apply brush strokes to highlight your cheekbones down to eye level.

Step 2: Modelling the Face

Using the same brush you used a moment earlier, shade the middle part of your cheeks a darker shade of pink. Now, at the top of the cheekbone, apply a lighter shade to create a contrast.

Step 3: Applying the Finishing Touches

The ideal complement to emphasised cheeks is to mark both the nose and cupid bow with pink blush. Don’t forget to add a little bit of cosmetic on top of the cheekbones and on the eyebrow either. It really make an impressive complement to the main part of your cheeks.

powder blush

What Makes draping the Makeup Trend For You?

Draping  has many advantages. Firstly, it emphasises your facial features, allowing you to highlights the advantages of high, sculpted cheekbones and hiding imperfections.

At the same time, it creates a fresh effect and draws attention to the eyes and top of the face. When done well, it can make women look years younger.

With a broad palette of pinks you can also create distinctive new looks. For example, you could combine a deep blush on the cheeks and a delicate tone of pink at the top of the cheekbone. Imaginative designs can be conjured using an ordinary makeup brush.

Don’t be afraid of trying new makeup techniques even though they may seem strange. Your face may well suit a technique like draping that adds lightness, freshness and a touch of glamour.

It’s always worth trying new cosmetics ideas and products. Eventually, you’ll find something that makes you feel and look stunningly beautiful.

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