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Eyelash enhancer – how to choose the best one?

Aug 07, 2015 by

Looking for longer, more luscious lashes? Ditch the falsies and go for lasting growth and volume with the best eyelash enhancer for beautiful lashes, every day. Whether you’re a dab hand with eyelash treatments, or a new convert to the cause, there’s a few key points to consider before making that next purchase for your cosmetic case.

eyelash enhancer


Do Your Research

Don’t be duped by wild cosmetic claims and unsubstantiated findings. Thanks to new EU regulations, shoppers can buy with more confidence than ever, enjoying cosmetics and enhancers that actually do what they promise. That being said, always read the fine print. Your fancy new eyelash enhancer might promise to promote growth and add volume, but when it comes to genuine customer satisfaction, the devil’s in the detail. Online customer reviews and balanced testimonials are a great way of finding out how well a product really holds up to big claims from the manufacturer.



Safety First

Growth serums might seem like a quick win for longer, more luscious lashes, but always ensure your new miracle product ticks all the safety boxes before applying. All cosmetic manufacturers are required by law to perform extensive safety tests before releasing a product to the masses, but even those declared safe are not without their side effects. Common side effects of eyelash treatments and lash serums include drying of the skin, itchiness and irritation, and darkening pigment. Make sure you choose a treatment that only enhances, but hydrates and replenishes.

Get the Best Results with Quality Ingredients
Your eyes are incredibly sensitive, so be sure to invest in only quality cosmetics that are properly packaged and sealed, and within product guarantee for best results. It’s tempting to go for discount products, online and in store, but be sure to know exactly what you’re getting, with clearly labelled ingredients and directions for total safety and optimum performance.


eyelash enhancer

Cruelty Free Cosmetics, Every Time

This one’s a no-brainer, but always ensure you’re buying cosmetics that have been ethically tested, every time. Regulations on cruelty-free cosmetics non-tested on animals are tighter than ever, but it’s still possible for products to slip through the net and end up in distribution, especially online and through third-party retailers. Everybody wants beautiful, longer lashes – just make sure yours don’t come at a cost.

Quick and Easy Application

When it comes to applying eyelash enhancers and lash serums, everyone has their own routine, but speed is always paramount. Go for an easy applicator that makes enhancing your lashes as simple as applying your mascara in the morning. If you’re the kind of person still applying their make-up on their morning commute, simplicity is everything, so make sure your eyelash enhancer is an easy fit for your routine.

Take the stress out of achieving longer lashes with Realash eyelash enhancer. Stimulating lasting growth and real volume, Realash enhancer is fast becoming the go-to for women in Europe and across the world looking for salon quality results with every application. Extensively tested with ethical ingredients for a high effective formula, Realash eyelash enhancer is guaranteed to become a firm favourite of your routine.

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