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Fuller and thicker brows – the complete brow care

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Just a few years ago, highly-arched, skinny eyebrows were en vogue on catwalks, in movies and amongst the rich and famous. But fashions change, and there is now a growing trend of fuller and thicker eyebrows that dominate the face.

Healthy eyebrows exude masculinity, power and confidence, and for women, fuller eyebrows are as much about equality as they are about fashion. But keeping eyebrows in tip-top condition still requires regular maintenance and a healthy lifestyle.

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Caring for your eyebrows

Most people have eyebrows with a definitive shape, but regular shaping is required in order to give them definition. But it is possible to overdo things by over-waxing and excessive plucking over a number of years. Just like your nose or ears, your eyebrows have a unique shape of their own – you just need to give them a helping hand from time to time.

If you haven’t shaped your eyebrows for a while – or if you’ve been over-shaping them for a period of time – you might need to assess their natural shape. Take a white eyeliner pencil and begin colouring any of the brow hairs that appear to be out of place or astray in some way. Once you have completed this process for both eyebrows, you should be able to see their natural shape: curved, low-arch, high-arch or straight.

Straight brows run across the top of the eye without a defined arch or curve. If you have straight eyebrows, you’re lucky. Not only are they easy to tweeze and shape, they are highly fashionable at present.

If you have high or low-arched eyebrows, maintaining them is a little more difficult. Rather than a simple curve, an arched eyebrow looks more like two different brows joined at a clear angle. They usually require more regular shaping – and the process itself can be tricky and time-consuming.

Curved eyebrows have a single, continuous curve without arches or angles. They are easier to maintain than arched brows, as there is a clear and defined line to follow.

There are several ways to maintain and shape eyebrows, and which one you decide to use depends on the type of brow you have – and your threshold for pain.


This is the easiest and most accurate way to shape your eyebrows, and it is something most people can do at home in a mirror. Stray hairs can be plucked out on an individual basis to create distinct lines. But this method can be extremely painful.


Waxing is the method of brow shaping used in most salons, and it involves applying heated wax to the problem areas. A cloth strip is then applied to the wax before being quickly pulled off – taking stray eyebrow hairs with it. This method is painful, and it can leave some women with a rash afterwards.


This method involves two strands of thread being manipulated to very quickly pull hairs out. While equally as painful as tweezing, more hairs can be taken out at once whilst maintaining the same level of precision.

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Cosmetics for your eyebrows

Perfect eyebrows can also be shaped – and coloured – with the use of certain cosmetics. Once you have identified the natural shape of your brow, use a brow pencil to give it real definition and colour. You can give your brows extra definition by using powders that closely match your natural colour. These powders can also give your eyebrows a shiny or matte finish.

Eyebrow pencils are good for filling in small gaps in your eyebrows, but some cheaper products can leave hairs looking greasy. It is therefore important to use a pencil that has a light texture and produces a dry, soft finish.

If you have quite thin or light-coloured eyebrows, you might benefit from the use of coloured eyebrow gels and brow tints. These products are similar in appearance to mascara, but they have a lighter consistency.

Give your eyebrows a helping hand

An eyebrow enhancer will help your brows to look fuller and more defined. They come in several different forms, including pencils, liquids, gels and powders. They can be applied with brushes, pencils or by hand – and they all deliver slightly different looks.

BROW conditioner is a serum that uses an advanced formula to stimulate the growth and quality of eyebrow hairs. This dermatologically tested serum makes eyebrows thicker, fuller and stronger – improving their natural appearance without the need for cosmetics.

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