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Home-made honey face mask – have you tried?

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Looking for a wholesome, all-natural treatment to cleanse, nourish and strengthen your skin? If you’re tired of spending a small fortune on shop-bought cleansers and moisturisers, why not whip up home-made honey face mask treatments at home. Easy to make and apply, homemade honey face masks aren’t just great for the bank balance, they’re an incredibly gentle but effective treatment that can banish spots and blackheads, smooth out wrinkles and help keep your face moisturised.

Natural Nourishment for the Skin

Honey has long been used for its medicinal properties. It’s rich in natural sugars that boost skin cell production, serves as a natural cleanser to get rid of dry skin and dead cells, and contains antibacterial and antifungal agents that are incredibly effective at fighting off the build-up of spots and certain rashes. With no harmful additives and harsh chemicals, it’s also an incredibly safe choice for those with sensitive skin, pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as youngsters. When buying honey for face masks and home remedies, always go with a pure and organic honey. Cheaper alternatives can contain high levels of excess sugar and other additives that could potentially worsen your skin complaints.


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A Purifying Mask you Can Make at Home

The basic properties of honey make it rich in antibacterial agents and an ideal moisturiser. Whip up a basic purifying mask in moments with a couple of tablespoons of honey, a splash of water and some plain yoghurt if you’re after more body. Spread the solution evenly over your face, then leave on for around 20 minutes. Then, simply wash off with warm water and close up your pores again with a splash of cold water from the tap. You’ll instantly feel more refreshed, while your pores will feel like they’ve been given a new lease of life.

Ditch Dry Skin with a Holistic Honey Mask

Whether it’s caused by a harsh winter or conditions like eczema, dry skin isn’t fun for anyone. Raw honey can be a great way of moisturising the skin, locking in essential moisture and helping nip dry skin in the bud before it spreads. What’s more, quality organic honey can be applied on its own, without the need for extra ingredients. If your dry skin is isolated, simply dab some honey over the area before bed and leave on over night. If you’re dealing with an outbreak, apply it as a mask and leave on for at least an hour before washing off.

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Make Acne a Thing of the Past

Acne isn’t just something teenagers have to deal with. Millions of women have a daily battle with this recurrent skin problem every day. Shop-bought cleansers and creams can work wonders, but they’re expensive and can dry out the skin if used to regularly. Try a homemade, honey-based mask instead to relieve redness, calm inflammation and clear up your skin in no time. Try mixing together a spoonful of raw honey into a mixture of oatmeal and yoghurt. Mix well into you’ve a smooth, but sticky paste. You’ll want to make sure your pores are open before you apply, so stand in the bathroom for a few minutes with the water running hot to get the benefits of the steam. Then, you’re ready to apply your face mask.

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An Awesome Anti-Wrinkle Solution

Wrinkled skin can start becoming a problem as early as your 20s. The skin around the eyes and mouth are particularly susceptible to premature wrinkles, and you’ll star to see the ageing effect here first. Raw honey is wonderful at combating multiple causes of ageing and can help to replenish the skin of essential nutrients. Try mixing two tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of avocado, plus a couple of spoons of oatmeal to give the mixture some consistency. You’ll also want to add a splash of natural acid to the mix, so add a teaspoon or two of lemon juice. Apply a couple of times a week and you’ll soon start noticing smoother, more nourished skin.

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