How to choose the right foundation

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In this article we will tell you everything you need to know to answer one of the most common make up queries: how to choose the right foundation. The perfect foundation is the one that is ideal for your particular skin type, it is a very individual choice and should not be based on brand name or celebrity endorsement. Your foundation, as the name implies, is the base upon which your entire make up is built. It is, therefore, so important to get it right. When you find the perfect foundation for your skin, you can use other products to create different looks.

how to choose the right foundation

Treat your skin to whatever it needs

The first step in our how to choose the right foundation guide is to make sure you have the correct formula for your skin type. A foundation with the most appropriate composition will work with your individual skin type to create the most even look and help deal with any skin issues you may have. The three most common skin types are: dry skin which needs liquid foundations with added vitamin E, sensitive skin which benefits most from light cream or gel foundations and oily skin which requires an ultra-light formula with a matte finish. In addition to these, your skin may be more prone to spider veins and need extra coverage, it may be dull and tired looking and benefit from a freshening boost or your pores may be more visible and require a specific pore minimising foundation, those with mature skin will also benefit from the relevant products designed for them. An online quiz can help you to determine your true skin type, based on categories such as appearance, texture and reaction to sun exposure.

Find your ideal foundation shade

The most important technique for discovering how to match foundation to your skin is discovering if you have warm or cool tones to your natural skin colour. One of the easiest ways is to check the veins on the inside of your wrist (this is also a good place to test a new foundation shade). If your veins appear to be blue that generally means your skin has cool tones and beige foundations with a touch of pink will work best. If your veins have more of a green appearance then you have warm toned skin and foundations with yellow or golden brown hues will suit your skin the most. The perfect foundation shade for your skin tone will complement your natural colouring and give you all the coverage you need.

foundation blending

Look flawless all year round

Another important factor that must be taken into consideration when selecting a new foundation is the season. With the changing weather and heating or cooling indoors, your skin’s moisture or oil level and its natural colour will change throughout the year. To ensure that your make up adapts to these changes a different foundation for summer and winter is a must. The process of how to match foundation to your skin is ongoing and you need to be aware of any changes so that you always have the perfect foundation.

foundation choice

Now you can find the perfect foundation…

When you follow the steps in our how to match foundation to your skin guide: find the right formula and shade for your skin and adjust for the season in which you will be wearing it, you will have finally found the perfect foundation.

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