How to do: strobing?

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What Is Strobing?

Strobing is essentially a slightly more advanced method of highlighting. It focuses on using highlighters for the areas where light naturally hits your face the most – such as the centre of the forehead, cheekbones, brow bones etc. – to illuminate your face and give your skin a more radiant and healthy look.

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How to Choose the Right Highlighter for Strobing

It is crucial when strobing to pick a highlighter that matches your skin tone and effectively enhances your glow. Here’s some general guidelines for what highlighter tones work best with different types of skin tone.

Fair skin: Depending on just how fair you skin is, anywhere from white to champagne to pinky beige could be the right tone for you. Have fun experimenting with different highlighters to discover what’s best for you.

Medium skin: Sticking to fairly light beige and bronze highlighters will help to illuminate your face without creating an awkward contrast with your neck.

Olive skin: Bring out your Mediterranean goddess by using golden tones.

Dark skin: Teracotta is great for creating a subtle contrast with dark skin tones.

How to Apply

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Before you start, it is important to cleanse your skin. If you like, you can also apply a moisturiser to rejuvenate your skin and prepare it for the application of make-up.
Apply a light foundation that matches your natural skin tone. Using too thick or too many layers of a foundation can detract from the natural, glowing look that strobing creates.Use a concealer that’s around two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, applying underneath the eyes, around the chin, and from the tip of the nose up to the centre of the forehead.
Blend in the concealer using a flat foundation brush, making sure that you are tapping it in lightly to prevent the concealer from looking streaky.
Next, take a fan-headed brush and start to apply your chosen highlighter lightly around the cheek and brow bones
A thinner, more delicate brush is preferable for working up from the nose bridge to the forehead and for a small application to the chin area.
For those who really want to glow, applying a small amount of highlighter to the inside corners of the eyes and applying a blusher just below the highlight on the cheekbone can really help you to shine
Finishing off with a setting spray will help to maintain your look throughout the whole day.

The Power of Strobing

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You should end up with a glowing, radiant look that’s ready to turn heads and drop jaws. Strobing is a great alternative to contouring because it is a lot less time consuming and can often appear more healthy and natural. Strobing is perfect for those who never feel like they have enough time to apply their make-up in the morning and are seeking an alternative that can make you look twice as glamorous in half the time of your standard make-up routine.



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