Lipstick – how to choose the right one?

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Women have been using various forms of makeup for thousands of years. However, it is only in the past 400 years or so that what we know as lipstick evolved. Even as recently as 1900, few women wore lipstick in everyday life, but since then, a fashion revolution has changed everything.



lips in three colours


Nowadays, lipstick is a must have cosmetic item for women around the world. In fact, almost a billion lipsticks are sold around the world every year, making it a massive industry. There are also many different kinds of lipstick to choose from. It’s not all about bright glossy red colours any more.

Lipsticks to moisturise your lips

These days, lipsticks are expected to do more than just make lips look fantastic. They are also often formulated to have moisturising properties. In the past, lipsticks often had the effect of drying out the skin, leaving it chapped and compromising the colour. Modern day varieties include natural substances like shea butter that hydrate the skin, making the colour stay vibrant for longer.

lipstick shade



Add some colour with matte lipstick

A popular option at the moment is to use matte lipstick. Instead of creating a shiny, glossy finish, matte lipsticks are all about creating a classy texture with a natural finish. You can choose to go for brash, bold matte shades or cooler pastel tones – and in every case the finish will be long lasting and won’t dry your skin out.

Go for some charismatic gloss

The classic lipstick image is of a movie-star with bright red glossy lips. In the 1950s, this was the way it was done: bold, powerful colours and a shiny finish to make the lips stand out. Glossy finishes are back in fashion as girls seek a new, uncompromising look. They are being combined with black outfits and different foundations to create striking contrasts, as well as the traditional glamour of bright red lips.

red lips

perfect colour


Create a wintry chill with frosted lipstick

Everyone has their ice queen side, so why not embrace her by putting on a beautiful frosted lipstick to suit the season? Alternatively, you could go for lipsticks that have a metallic sheen to them, creating a futuristic cosmetic look which echoes music stars like Rihanna.

Stay beautiful for longer with long-lasting varieties

Isn’t it frustrating when your lipstick wears off after a few hours on your face? It doesn’t have to be that way at all, as there are plenty of modern varieties that are long-lasting and high quality. If you are planning on eating out or you expect a romantic evening, go for kiss-proof lipsticks that will last the course.


Be kind to your lips with organic products

Some conventional lipsticks can contain chemicals which harm the planet, but there is always an alternative. Now, you can find a wide range of organic lipsticks made with ingredients from natural products like peppermint, coffee and honey. They are just as good as the big brands, and they are good for the environment too.

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