Matte Lipstick – How to choose the perfect one

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Matte lipstick is the opposite to gloss. Although not praised as highly, it still has its place. It creates a smooth, velvet appearance, as opposed to a moist appearance. The texture may also described as satin or flat pigment. However they do not suit everyone, the bolder colours being especially harder to get right.

matte lipstick

Lip scrub

You must always apply a lip scrub before applying a matte lipstick. These can be quite pricy, but a home made version can be created by mixing brown sugar with either honey or olive oil. The preparation should be applied to the lips and should be vigorously rubbed in. This will remove dead skin cells from your lips and keep them fresh. Leave the scrub for a minute on your lips before removing it with a damp cloth. A lip scrub should only be used once a week or it ruins the lips. After this you should apply lip balm.

How to choose the perfect matte lipstick?

For small lips use light colours for example the nude shade. Bigger lips can cope with darker colours. Note that the colour on the tube is not always the colour it comes out, so it is always best to test the lippy out first. Some types are longer lasting, see what the reviewers are saying about the products and ask the assistants at make up counters. Don’t expect to find the perfect product straightaway, it may require months of searching before you find something you are happy with.

Application of matte lipstick

As with any lipstick application it is important not to overdo it, less is generally more. You need one which is not too quick drying and isn’t too sticky. In order for the lipstick not too go too hard is best to apply it quickly but in a smooth fashion and then put it away. Only then you will get the most luxurious lips.

matte lipstick palette

 So matte lipstick has a more velvet texture to gloss and is also known as satin. Lip scrub should be applied to the lips before applying the lip balm and then the matter lipstick; lip scrub can be made at home by mixing brown sugar with honey or olive oil. It is better if you have smaller lips to have lighter shades, don’t expect to find the perfect colour straightaway. Don’t over apply lipstick and make sure you carry it the process quickly.

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