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Nail Conditioners Pros and Cons

May 17, 2017 by

Alluring nails are an asset to treasure, and many women spend large amounts of time and money on manicures, polish, and other treatments to get the perfect look. However, all this effort only works well when your nails are in good condition to start with – even the most careful manicure or polish won’t help make cracked or damaged nails look beautiful. This is where nail conditioners come in.

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How Nail Conditioners Help – Or Occasionally Harm

Conditioners are designed to strengthen your nails, keeping them supple and healthy to withstand the stresses of dish washing, exposure to harsh wind, and even over-application of polish. They generally contain vitamins A and E to nourish and fortify your nails, while also containing anti-fungal and antibacterial agents to help prevent infections, swelling, or fungal conditions. However, some products also contain alcohol to help them penetrate deep into the nail, and if these types are used too often, they can actually weaken the nail’s structure and cause splitting and chipping. Use these conditioners containing alcohol with care, and not too often.

How Nail Conditioners are Used

Nail conditioners come in two main types. Some are in the form of a lotion or balm that is rubbed into the nails much like a hand cream, while others are a liquid which is brushed onto the nails in the same way as a nail polish. The second type is perhaps a little quicker to dry and so more convenient, but which you use is really just a matter of choice.

How Often to Use

Your basic nail health will decide how often you should use nail conditioners. If your nails are in generally good condition, then you may decide to only apply conditioner before and after using polish or a similar treatment, to help protect against any damage these chemicals can cause. If your nails need a little more help, you might use conditioner every day whether or not you’re using any other products. Of course, most people will fall somewhere in between, making nail conditioners a regular part of their beauty tool kit without obsessing over using them all the time.

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Nail Conditioners Pros and Cons

If a good product is used properly, nail conditioners can work very well in helping your nails stay strong, healthy, and looking great. They can promote even growth and provide an excellent foundation for your choice of polish or other treatments. However, if a low-quality product is overused, it can actually cause damage. In any case, don’t let nail conditioners blind you to any underlying nail problems: if your nails are in very poor condition, then you may have a minor nutritional deficiency or other mild medical problem which should be addressed rather than using conditioners as a cover-up.

If your nails are an important part of your beauty routine, especially if you like to grow them long, then conditioners can help keep them healthy and looking great, whatever the challenges daily life throws at them.

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