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Ombre lips are not anything new but it is certainly a trend that is still extremely popular with ladies around the world. Apart from looking absolutely voluptuous by using lighter shades in the centre of your pout, ombre lip makeup can create an optical illusion that suggests your lips are fuller. Unless you are a professional makeup artist, achieving this look may seem quite daunting, but there is truly no need to despair.

ombre lip makeup

5 steps on how to have the ombre lip look

Don’t worry there are many ways to do an ombre lip. Some ladies like to use eye shadows and highlighters in their cosmetic and beauty regime while others concentrate more on enhancing their lips. To get the perfect, sexy lips, here’s a five step tutorial that you can try for yourself.

Step 1 – Moisturising your lips

After cleansing your face either with soap and water or using a gentle facial cleanser, apply a top quality moisturiser all over, especially on your lips. Spend some time making sure your lips are fully moisturised before starting the ombre lip makeup technique.

Step 2 – Contouring lip edge

After the moisturiser comes the contouring lip edge primer. Just put a little concealer around your lip line so when you apply the liner, a sharper border is formed. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to contouring lip edges. You can choose to use a darker or lighter liner; it’s entirely up to you during your makeup routine.

lipstick shades

Step 3 – Applying the main colour

For maximum results try and stick to these step by step guides. Choose a main colour that suits your complexion; let’s say a deep red or brown. When applying, stay within the lines and make sure you leave a small triangle at the bottom and at the centre of your lower lip clear. This is for the second colour, sounds easy, right.

Step 4 – Applying second colour

Many ladies often apply similar shades to the areas left clear when the main colour is in place. How about a subtle brown or nude lipstick for a contrasting second colour? For a bolder look there are blacks and reds, whatever takes your fancy. Always use a clean lip brush or even your finger to dab the colours together until you have blended them for an eye-catching look.

how to do lip makeup

Step 5 – Adding shine

Before adding some gloss, blot to keep matte for a super sexy two tone lip, perfect for a pouty smile. For an ultra look and super model appearance, add that all important shine and gloss. Shine and gloss will make your lips appear larger, fuller and definitely sexy.

The colour choices for lips makeup today are so exciting. Favourites include orange, pink, purple and even black. Lighter shades, darker shades, neutral shades and bold shades are all in vogue for creating sexy lips. Go crazy and enjoy yourself with lips makeup, ombre lip style.

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