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Cosmetics with natural extracts are a popular choice of many women and are also recommended by cosmetologists. Find out why they are the best choice for your skin.

Mother Nature knows what is best for us. Go for natural solutions when you choose cosmetics dedicated to the sensitive eye area. Make sure you go through the ingredients list before making purchase. Read on to learn which ingredients are the most precious for your skin.

nature inspirationEYE AREA

If your eye area is your daily care priority, use cosmetics with ingredients making your skin smoother, flexible and softer. Look for products with vitamins A, E and B3. For every day care use serum with algae thalli, orange flower and pomegranate extract which have anti-oxidative and anti-aging properties. Other precious ingredients include: abyssinian oil which improves the overall condition of the skin and leaves it more flexible, spilanthes acmella flower extract which boosts skin elasticity and safflower which improves skin firmness.

Snail secretion extract in cosmetics? Never heard of it? It is a true hit on the beauty market! It nourishes, firms the skin and slows down skin aging. To protect the hydro lipid barrier you also need sodium hyaluronatea in your serum. The top products will also contain collagen and elastin which help maintain skin hydration and eliminate wrinkles.


In order for an eyelash enhancer to be effective, it has to contain ingredients which condition, lengthen and protect lashes from falling out. Always pick formulas enriched with active nano-peptides and amino acids molecules. Calamus, marigold and flax extracts are the ones to look out for. They deliver intense regeneration to the skin on your eyelids. These natural ingredients prevent inflammation and boost regeneration of even the most damaged lashes.


Natural looking, bold and shiny brows are no longer only a dream. All you need is a conditioner which contains active peptides and ginseng. The ingredients will condition and strengthen the hair and stimulate the hair matrix.


Your main criterion for choosing eyeliner is colour? It is time to change that! Check if the cosmetic contains conditioning marigold, flax and saw palmetto extracts. These ingredients will work wonders for the condition of your lashes and delicate skin on your eyelids. If the eyeliner contains horsetail and calamus extracts, definitely go for it. These ingredients slow down the skin aging process and add firmness.


Still looking for that perfect mascara? If it contains silver lime extract and silk, it is a definitely a keeper. Silver lime and silk condition and regenerate lashes. Another must-have ingredient is lanolin – a natural moisturizing wax which ensures long-wearing, flawless look.



Do you want to be certain that your cosmetics contain the right ingredients? ORPHICA will be the best solution! Our cosmetic undergo thorough lab tests to make sure they do not cause any side effects. To fulfil our customers’ expectations we have created Essentials line which includes eye area care products and Creative line which includes eye makeup cosmetics.

Choose your new favourites from our range of products and enjoy the perfect look!


REALASH – eyelash enhancer

BROW – brow conditioner

PURE – eye serum


EDGE – eyeliner

ARROW – eye pencil

UP – mascara

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