Permanent lip makeup: is it worth it?

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If you hate having to reapply your lipstick during the day or if you’re unhappy with the shape or line of your lips, you may have thought about permanent lip makeup, a treatment that can correct crooked lips, add balance and fullness, and remove the need to keep touching up your lipstick. But how much does permanent makeup cost? And is it worth it?

What is permanent lip colour?

Permanent lip colour is a form of cosmetic tatoo. Years ago, this procedure was performed with tattoo ink, but these days beauty therapists use pigment, which is thicker and gives a more natural finish. The pigment is implanted into the top layer of the skin through a process known as micropigmentation. It can be applied using a normal tattoo machine, or by hand. Permanent lip makeup does fade over time, but is called permanent because the colour doesn’t wash off and lasts for several months.

permanent lip liner

How is it done?

Whether you choose permanent lip makeup or permanent lip liner, the product can be applied in different colours, depending on your skin tone or requirements, and a trial application of make-up beforehand is a good idea to narrow down the tone of pigment that you are looking for. This also ensures that you don’t depart too far from your natural lip colour. It is a relatively painful procedure, so it can be worth paying a little extra for an anaesthetic. A normal permanent makeup cost for this kind of procedure is anywhere between £300 and £1000, and it takes about three hours.

Preparation and aftercare

If you are considering booking an appointment to have a micropigmentation permanent lip liner procedure, it’s a good idea to arrange to have it done on a Thursday or Friday. This way the associated swelling has time to go down over a weekend rather than during the working week. The healing process takes approximately ten days, but it could be up to two weeks before the full colour is evident. During this time it is important to avoid too much direct sunlight so use a lip balm with a high sun protection factor.

cosmetic tatoo


Although permanent lip liner through micropigmentation is generally suitable for most people, there are certain medical conditions that would make this form of cosmetic tatoo inadvisable. In particular, pregnant women, those with certain skin diseases including eczema, people who are allergic to make-up, and anyone susceptible to post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation shouldn’t have a permanent lip colour treatment.

So is it worth it? If you are among the at-risk group mentioned above, then this is a cosmetic tatoo to avoid. But if you are happy to meet the permanent makeup cost, then permanent lip makeup can be a good way to remove the inconvenience of reapplying lipstick and to enhance the natural beauty of your lips, helping you to look good and feel confident.

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