Rainbow Highlighter – the make-up we’ve all been waiting for!

May 31, 2017 by

Just when you thought they couldn’t think of anything else in the world of make-up, someone invents rainbow highlighter! This fun, funky make-up item is now available from a number of retailers and basically allows you to apply a light shining rainbow across your cheeks.

Rainbow highlighter

Pros and Cons

The pros of rainbow highlighter are obvious – it’s a fun, summery and unique way to finish your face. However, there are instances it will never be appropriate such as work, should you work in an office, or a funeral. It’s also more suited to younger people than older people as it’s more likely to match their general look and outfit. That being said you are never too old for a bit of magic, so if you fancy it why not give it a go?

Looking after your skin

This kind of make-up really only works on flawless skin as it’s more likely to attract attention to problem areas should you have them. Use some really good activated charcoal to give your skin a deep clean and flush out toxins before you use Rainbow Highlighter for the first time.

How to apply

Applying it needs to be precise, but once you have the hang of it it’s pretty easy. Rather than using a brush, which would mix up the colours, use the pad provided to lightly sweep it across your cheek, going from the recess of your jawline to your cheek bone. You need to press down firm enough that it goes on and it does have to done in one sweep; there are no opportunities for fixing or blending it, so do practice this one at home before you try it out. The colours can easily mix on your application pad, so it’s a good idea to either wash it regulatory, or buy a pack of application pads from a low cost store and simply chuck them out when the colours start to move around the pad.

homemade Rainbow Highlighter

Home made DIY rainbow highlighter

At first glance, making DIY Rainbow Highlighter seems like a tough challenge, but it’s actually far easier than it looks! We all have a number of unused eye shadows in our make-up box. Try to find enough to represent a rainbow (around five colours) and use a butter knife to remove them from the eyeshadow container. Use a children’s paint tray, or perhaps a plastic egg box or large ice tray, to pour each colour of eye-shadow in, being careful to keep the colours separate. Add a little rubbing alcohol into each one and mix with a teaspoon. Once they’ve turned into a paste, use the pallet knife to place in a straight line along one side of one of your discarded eyeshadow containers. Repeat with each colour, using the pallet knife to get them into neat strips that are pressed against one another and avoid the colours from mixing. Leave to dry for about an hour and voila, you’re own homemade rainbow highlighter.

This is a fabulous, fun and beautiful looking product, perfect for those who fancy something different. Ideal for parties, relaxed summer evenings or clubbing, rainbow highlighter is the newest makeup bag must-have.

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