The Best Eyeliner – Liquid, Gel or Pencil!

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Where would we be without eyeliner? For many of us, it would be a nightmare. We rely on eyeliners to rejuvenate tired eyes and give our looks the perfect balance, but what is the perfect eyeliner for you to use?
eyeliner There are three major types of eyeliner to choose from – gel, liquid and pencil. All of them have slightly different properties, allowing you to create a wide range of cosmetic effects.

The style you choose is up to you. Subtle colours and winged cat-eye effects are proving popular in 2016, while last year’s trend for white eyeliner will surely make a comeback this summer, so let your imagination run wild.

The Different Types Of Eyeliner

With a pencil, you can precisely trace your waterlines, and it avoids the messiness that can come with liquid eyeliner. But remember to keep your pencil collection nice and sharp for perfect definition.

Liquid eyeliner tends to come in pens with slender brush tips. If you love to fine tune your lash lines, liquid is the way to go. However, working with liquid takes some practice, so novices may want to hold back.

Gel eyeliners usually come in attractive pots, and a brush is used for application. With gel, you can be nice and precise with your brush strokes, without the fear of smudging associated with liquid.

make upAchieve Make-Up Masterpieces

One of the reasons we adore eyeliner is that it feeds our creativity. With a brush or pencil in hand, we can create gorgeous effects that accentuate our facial features and complement our clothes.

Smoky eye is one of the most eye-catching looks a woman can create, with its air of mystery and exotic allure. All it takes is a little eye shadow and some artistry with your eyeliner pencil, and a classic party look is yours.

If you want to inject some sexiness into your evening look, a cat eye effect could be ideal. Not unlike the smoky eye in some ways, cat eyes take a little less work. However, remember to layer liquid and pencil eyeliner to achieve cat eyes that stay sexy all night long.

There are plenty of other styles to try as well. You could go for a Cleopatra look, with a winged tip at the corner or blend a few different colours to harmonise with your favourite dress.

What to Look For When Choosing an Eyeliner

Not all eyeliners are effective and easy to use. Be sure to check how long-lasting your eyeliner is. It might look fantastic at first, but all too often, the colours can run and the whole effect can be ruined by a poor quality product.

If you opt for a liquid eyeliner, go for one that is labelled as quick drying (unless you are willing to relax for half an hour before heading out). If you want to create bold slashes of colour, find a liquid eyeliner with the right brush size as well.

Some eyeliners also fail when it comes to delivering powerful colours, which is really important when you are trying to make an impression. Go for a bold tone, but it’s also worth seeking out a product that can be removed or blended easily if you make any mistakes or change your mind. A good eyeliner is flexible, and allows you to be creative.

Orphica_eyelinerMake EDGE Part Of Your Cosmetics Collection

EDGE is both a high quality eyeliner and an ecologically friendly cosmetic product, a rare blend in the world of eyeliners. Made from plant extracts, EDGE Eyeliner is both long-lasting and smudge proof pencil eyeliner, and can be used to create a huge range of different effects.

The easy to use retractable pen design means that EDGE is suitable for inexperienced eyeliner users. You can sharpen the tip to work in detail, or broaden the brush to be bold. It’s up to you, so experiment with your look by checking out EGDE Eyeliner.

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