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Valentine’s Day Makeup

Feb 08, 2017 by

The Valentine’s Day makeup is for many women the biggest challenge. This look is romantic, flawless, and mostly stunning. We carefully pick out accessories, spend hours on fixing our hair. Not to mention the drama of choosing the right dress for the evening. Whatever the makeup you choose, you must take a good care of your skin first. When it comes to the Valentine’s Day makeup there cannot be any mistakes.

Valentine's Day Makeup

Here are five stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup ideas.

Valentine’s Day makeup number 1 – sharp

In this look you can rock your own version of crimson lips. It is up to you if you choose to wear matte or ultra glossy lips. This look gives you a fantastic opportunity to use all the intense lipstick colours from strawberry red, raspberry, cherry to vibrant ruby red. For your eyes use only delicate pastel colours and a black mascara.

Valentine’s Day makeup number 2 – razor

This look is all about the eyes. Use a black eyepencil or a black eyeliner to create a thick, thin or artistic lines. If you want a more intense eye look, use a black gel eyeliner on both top and bottom waterlines. This look requires perfect lines, so make sure that you practice it before the big event.

Valentine’s Day makeup number 3 – kaleidoscope

Hello creative creases! If you ever wondered, how it is like to be an artist, here is your chance. The kaleidoscope eye makeup is about colour explosion on your eyes. Use vivid shades. Experiment with mixing colours. Use intense gold, silver, red and purple. This is an exotic, sexy, colourful, electric, colour – blocking eye makeup!

Valentine’s Day makeup number 4 – stained 

Stained eye makeup is the new smoky eye. Smoky eye is known as the most classic and universal evening makeup. The stained makeup’s signature is flawless skin, stunning eyebrows and natural lipstick colour. For this look use earth eyeshadows: brown, grey, or green. Blend the colours for a more natural look. Remember that our brows are the frame!

Valentine’s Day makeup number 5 – diffuse

This is a proposition of an evening makeup for those who love the natural no makeup look. It is important to contour and highlight your face. For this look use pink, peach and beige eye shadows. Remember to use a blush and moisturise your lips before applying a nude lipstick.

Evening makeup

Last but not least!

An evening makeup is not only about the fabulous effect. You can wear an amazing makeup, but when you put it on tired and stressed skin, it will not look as fabulous as it could be. The everyday skin care routine is the most important. During winter your skin is exposed to cold, wind and the lack of sunlight. It requires more moisturising and hydration than during summertime. If you want to rock your makeup on the Valentine’s Day, you need to start taking care of your skin properly now!

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