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What can a bubble mask do for you?

Jul 12, 2017 by

Have you heard about bubble masks? Bubble masks have become the latest beauty trend, popping up all over Instagram and Snapchat in recent months with pictures of those foamy suds that harden into a clay-like substance as they are applied to your skin. Bubble masks might seem like a passing fad, but don’t dismiss them, did you know they really can have some great benefits for your skin?

bubble mask

What is a bubble mask?

Originating in Korea, bubble masks have become popular across the world as a way of detoxifying and oxygenating dull, tired skin. The mask starts off as gel-like substance that becomes foamy suds as you apply it to your face. The bubble mask is designed to easily eliminate the effects of pollution and other impurities from your skin, leaving your skin looking fresher, reinvigorated, and ready for anything.

How does a bubble mask work?

Bubble masks remove oil and dirt and clean out your skins pores. It is the way they react to oxygen that gives them their special cleansing power. Contact with oxygen produces the little bubbles that help the masks active ingredients to progress deep into your skin and get to work. The mask will enliven and nourish your skin with powerful ingredients to combat free-radicals.

How to apply a bubble mask

Applying a bubble mask is simple, you can do it morning or evening it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to wash your face first, although if you are wearing permanent or long-lasting makeup you may want to remove it before you begin. When you are ready to start first wash your hands then remove a small amount from the jar and spread it across your face using your finger tips to tap it into your skin, you should be careful to avoid areas, such as your lips, eyes, nostrils, and hairline. Once the mask is spread evenly you will begin to notice it frothing up as oxidization takes place. Gently massage the mask into your face adding some water after a few minutes. After about 10 minutes the mask should stop foaming and you can wash it off using lukewarm water.

homemeade mask

A homemade bubble mask?

You can buy bubble masks from several major beauty companies but if you would rather make your own mask it is a simple process. You only need Bentonite clay, a little Matcha powder and charcoal, along with Baking soda, Citric acid, and Glycerin, many of which you may have lying around at home anyway. Combine these ingredients and apply the mask to your face. After only a few minutes you will feel it gently cleansing your skin, you will have created your very own bubble mask.

Now you know what a bubble mask is, and how it can truly revitalize your skin, why not start enjoy the benefits of a bubble mask today?

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